Casino refuses to pay

Casino refuses to pay suncoast casino and hotel las vegas

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A tough judgment call will need to be made in each case, and it looks as though the courts will have their own lengthy process to national gambling act 1993 through before any final decisions are made. Wersching assumed that she had won the vehicle. After a second search of his room, he was released, his lawsuit asserts. Jackpot City Online Casino. The supervisor photographed the display, and a slot technician restarted the game. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And when she learned on Friday that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled the casino does not have to pay her the big bucks, McKee took it stoically.

A woman in New York who won nearly $43 million from a slot machine in August was sad to see her wins disappear before her eyes almost. Source - Casinos exist for one reason, and one reason alone: to take your money. They do it legally, even if it's under cloudy circumstances. What is the correct action to take when you win a slot jackpot and the casino refuses to pay you? It happens, not regularly, but it does happen.


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